Tamiami Tomorrow


Wade Trim was retained by the City of Bradenton to develop a revitalization strategy for the
Tamiami Trail Corridor in the area between MLK Boulevard and 27th / 28th Avenues (the “Study
Area”). The intent of the strategic plan is to offer a program of regulatory amendments and
targeted public investments that will help to preserve the desirable and positive community
character elements of the area while at the same time improving the economic trajectory of the
corridor and repositioning the Study Area in the marketplace. The strategic plan includes five (9)

  1. A Community Character and Urban Resource Study that examines the resources of the Study
    Area and sets out concepts for how to maximize the contribution that these resources can
    make to future development and redevelopment in the Study Area;
  2. Development and Redevelopment Goals and Objectives that provide a general policy framework
    for the plan and its implementation;
  3. A Market Study that analyzes the demographics, spending patterns, and retail competition
    within one, tree, and five miles from the center of the Study Area in order to calibrate development
    and redevelopment strategies to the marketplace;
  4. A Land Use Plan that provides a framework for future development and redevelopment
    within the Study Area, and that provides specific recommendations for regulatory amendments
    and public investments; and
  5. Implementation Strategies that include:
  6. Preferred Redevelopment Scenario that provides a specific, market-oriented program for
    redevelopment within the Study Area;
  7. Development and Redevelopment Strategies;
  8. Roles and Responsibilities; and
  9. Funding Mechanisms.

Summary of Findings and Recommendations

The most visible part of the Study Area is the Tamiami Trail, an unremarkable commercial street
lined with obsolete motels, highway commercial uses and social service agencies. The Tamiami
Trail is an important southern gateway into the City's downtown. The neighborhoods on either
side of the Tamiami Trail are remarkably strong considering the length of time that the corridor
has been in decline. Two in particular, Historic Ballard Park and the Village of the Arts, have
neighborhood plans in place, and revitalization is underway.

The purpose of the revitalization strategy is to create a framework for a positive change in trajectory
for an area of the City that has been struggling for many years, and to support the continued
reinvestment in the residential neighborhoods that are adjacent to the Tamiami Trail Corridor.
The essential components of the strategy are:

  1. Change the regulatory framework for the corridor to create several districts with distinctive
    character — an Urban Core district, an Urban Village district, an Urban Strip district, and an
    Suburban Strip district. The intensity of development lessens with each new district that is
    further from Downtown.
  2. Make a baseline investment in the character of the public realm that tells the private sector
    that the City is serious about changing the market position of the corridor — begin with
    signage, street lighting, and decorative corner treatments.
  3. Create a catalytic project in the heart of the Urban Village in a prominent location. The
    catalytic project should contain a critical mass of redevelopment that is attractive to a broad
    group of people who are looking for a quasi-urban lifestyle.
  4. Create “addresses” for redevelopment by committing additional public dollars for public
    realm improvements that benefit qualifying redevelopment projects.
  5. Reinforce existing neighborhoods by connecting sidewalks and continuing with grant and
    loan programs for renovation of existing buildings.
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