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Building & Site Enhancement Grant

The primary objective of the Façade Grant Program is to encourage rehabilitation and preservation of significant commercial buildings by offering financial and technical assistance for Façade restoration.  The financial portion of the grant program will fund up to 50% of the actual cost of the eligible façade improvements with an amount of NOT-TO-EXCEED $10,000

Community Development Block Grant Program

Economic Development Program:

This program is provided for existing business expansion and new business creation within the Community Development Block Grant Program target area.  Applicants business must be within the CDBG area and is defined as follows: 14th Street West easterly to the Braden River, Manatee River southerly to 26th Ave.

Business owner must demonstrate the ability to both, recruit individuals that live in the CDBG target area and to provide products/services to the residents of the area. 

  • For the creation of new business the applicant must meet the following criteria:
  • Ability to demonstrate experience in the line of business
  • Ability to demonstrate management and administrative skills
  • Must have acceptable credit
  • Must have acceptable cash equity and reserve capital for one year

Applicants expanding an existing business must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience in present or similar type service or industry.  The business should show profit for the same period of time.

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Unchain My Fence

To continue the implementation of Tamiami Tomorrow, Bradenton Downtown Development Authority (DDA) staff propose a pilot Chain Link Fence Removal Grant Program called “Un-Chain My Fence” for properties located in the 14th Street Community Redevelopment Area.

Tamiami Tomorrow, the revitalization strategy for Tamiami Trail unanimously approved by the DDA and City Council in fall 2005, contained five redevelopment goals.  “Protect and enhance the character of existing residential neighborhoods that surround the corridor” was the third goal.  Objective 3.E of this third goal states “develop and implement, in partnership with the City’s grants and assistance division, a ‘good fences make good neighbors’ incentive program that promotes the removal or replacement of chain link fencing in front yards with a more durable, attractive product, such as white picket, that will contribute to the quaint character of the neighborhood”.  This grant program is a direct response to a stated objective of Tamiami Tomorrow.

Fences and walls are both architectural and landscape design elements, depending on how they are used in certain areas.  Chain link fencing can have a negative effect on neighborhoods and business districts. The basic message delivered is “keep out”, “danger”, or  “you are not welcome”.

The objective of this program is to reduce front yard chain link fences to improve the overall  appearance of  neighborhoods and subsequent business districts.

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